A horrible hack

the Plurals


Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Bermuda Mohawk - Good Time Gang Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Aug 16, 2011
This collection of 9 songs is somewhat all over the place in an endearing fashion. For the most part the Plurals dip into pop punk and indie rock, and songs are by turn catchy and a real muddle, frequently in the same song. I particularly like it when one of the singers starts hollering wildly during what are really quite poppy songs. There's a part of "Squagel" which would have been quite at home on a split 7" with Don Martin 3, for example. Overall though, I am not entirely sure what it reminds me of, other than a teeny tiny bit like the Ergs at their most explorative, but mostly it comes across like 3 people having a bit of a blast making DIY music with no plan or formula. Which is a pleasant and often rare experience these days, with so many bands seemingly coming to fruition to be a "garage band" or "a post punk band" or some other equally narrow role they have definied themselves before they even start writing a song. That's not to say this is an essential release, as it's quite a mess and the songs aren't particularly great or memorable, but this is wholeheartedly backed in it's endeavour to be DIY and different and just doing whatever the fuck they please. A+ for effort. Or lack of?

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