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the Small Step

Year Released: 2011
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 22, 2011
Apollo are from Australia and they play gentle, slightly post rock influenced indie. Due to me being a reviewer, and therefore lazy, that means that I will compare them to Arrows and In Sepia. Hehey! Apollo are not doing anything ground breakingly astonishing here, but as I gaze out of the window across a hazy, dewy field, with the sun trying to gain a foothold, this becalming music fits very nicely, soft and warm. It doesn't have the same drunken misery that Arrows sometimes conjure up, although they do have a song called "Drinking". The vocals are actually a bit indistinct (although that might be these computer speakers), and pitched nicely in the mix at a level where they don't intrude too much. That's my kind of music production, I am guessing they possibly spent a little time listening to Christie Front Drive and Mineral, or at least other bands that spent a lot of time listening to those guys.

This is just straight up nice music, it sounds like the kind of music you'd listen to in the autumn, when you're inside. And pretty ok with things.

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