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Lucidity / Lividity

Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: Kiss Of Death Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 12, 2011
Look, I need to set the record straight. This is a direct quote from the Kiss of Death website:

Pioneering the "stoner - emo" genre

No, no no. 15 years ago, Chune beat you to the punch. Look, even AMG agrees with me!

Anyway, that aside, "Lucidity / Lividity" LP is an absolute blast of grunged up post-hardcore that sounds like a slightly more focused and melodic Thirty Ought Six, embracing the first Hum LP and Texas is the Reason into the bargain. There is air guitar potential aplenty whilst Senders blast through 10 rockers with much aplomb. Each track packs in melody, gruff vocals and catchy riffs that will have you spinning around the room, playing that affore-mentioned air guitar with gay abandon. There's not a whole lot to add here, Senders play uncomplicated rock music and I am appreciative of what they are doing. Only real knock on this LP (and it's quite a strong one unfortunately) is the production, things could have sounded a lot beefier but this has been smoothed out so everything is at the same level and therefore is a touch too tame. This doesn't cause too much bother, the songs still rock, but you have to turn it up loud to get anything close to the desired effect and I get the feeling that live, this band would be quite incendiary.

But that's all by the by, this is a rather solid album of music that couldn't be more out of fashion if it tried. Thumbs extended upwards!

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