A horrible hack

Sugartown Cabaret

This is a Split

Year Released: 2012
Format: 10"
Label: Moment of Collapse
Reviewed by MH on Jul 10, 2012
Don't be fooled by the title, this is not actually a split record between two bands but two new songs on a one-sided 10inch from Sugartown Cabaret who include ex-members of Aussitôt Mort and Amanda Woodward. This takes me back to my days of living in France and going to see bands like Amanda Woodward and Belle Epoque on my own at Le Molodoi, a tiny hall in Strasbourg. The people were friendly but my French speaking skills weren't the best for the first couple of years of living there so I rarely replied with anything comprehensible let alone interesting. I can understand the lyrics better here though particularly as they are sung in English. The French accent is still noticeable though and the vocals are yelled and angry. The two songs here are quite frenetic and driven. There is also a little less of the post rock that was more prominent on their debut LP and the songs are a lot shorter than the majority of those on that record. There is a screen print on the other side of this white vinyl -  a swirling cross made from what looks like leaves. This is at the very least a solid release. 

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