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Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Snuffy Smile - Rad Girlfriend - Drunken Sailor
Reviewed by MH on Feb 23, 2013
Following on from last year's split with Bangers, this is the debut LP from What-A-Nights who come from Tokushima in Japan and play melodic pop punk. They play it fast and they carry on in the tradition of previous Snuffy Smile bands from Japan playing this type of music in that they are very good. The vocals are a bit of a way from gruff and kind of light in that sense. Some might be familiar with some of their previous bands like Minority Blues Band and I Excuse. The opening track comes flying out of the blocks and has a neat, melancholy breakdown towards the end. There is also a song on here towards the end called "Da-a-a-ance" - disappointingly it is not a Broccoli cover but I think the song title gives you an idea of where they are coming from. They don't mess about either - 10 songs in about 25 minutes. They are all good - I'd opt for the nicely titled and faster "Dog Shit Love" if I had to pick a best song right now. Do you like bands like Blew? And Leatherface? If so, I think you will like this - decent!

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