A horrible hack


Ripe / Rot

Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Flannel Gurl Records
Reviewed by MH on Feb 25, 2013
This is some pretty fierce post hardcore from this San Antonio 4-piece. It opens with some background organ and distant, inaudible vocals before the bleak, lumbering guitars and wailing come in on the first song - the vocals screeching and shrieking, powered along by a biting rhythm section - thick bass and drums."The Hole In The Foul" breaks things up again with that organ sound and, this time, claps and distant chanting before longest track "Soul Salvation" brings everything crashing back in with that bass sound. This track really shows the vocal range going from low growl to more epic screeching and is probably the best song on here as it twists and turns with its awkward rhythm to a cathartic ending. Aided by those two claustrophobic instrumentals this gets pretty dark. Check the bleak track titles too - track 2 is called "Soul Train Blues Of The Broken Skull". Flannel Gurl are putting out some pretty cool stuff at the moment with this alongside the likes of CityCop and Trust Fall.

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