A horrible hack

No Action - Roger King


Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: sncl - civic duty
Reviewed by MH on Mar 5, 2013
This is a split involving Adelaide and California. No Action take side A and their song is pretty much in two halves. The first part is some sad and meandering fingerpicking that made me think of that really cool Seyed tape from last year. After 2 minutes the band come in and it's firmly in territory where The Hated would reside from thereon in - lo-fi and melodic with great vocals. On the insert inside the record the band say that they recorded an acoustic track in expectation of Roger's track but once they heard it they were moved to start from scratch and decided they had to up the stakes. It shows as this is a dynamite tune. I am moving to Australia imminently and I might even get to see No Action play live which will be a nice little bonus - that is if they don't split up immediately. Roger King from The Pine takes the B side and it's got his trademark vocals - an acquired taste if ever there was one. He also has a band along for the ride featuring plenty of melody, scratchiness and clashing cymbals. It is lo-fi and raw and has a big chorus. Also very good and bound to appeal if you liked The Pine, particularly their early stuff.

A bit of the old and new on this split. Two fine songs. It's good to hear some new material from Roger King and I hope there will be more to come soon. It's close enough to the sound of his old band that it is almost like getting new material from The Pine. I really can't get enough of No Action at the moment either - one of my favourite current bands.

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