A horrible hack

I am a Man with a San Tropez Tan

Just A Ghost

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Sep 11, 2013
This album is by the same multi-instrumentalist who made “The Long Sleep” and it’s not difficult to see it as just the other half of his three personalities.

Personality number one – normal person who gets on with it.
Personality number two (Voyeurs) – serene man having a nice sit down.
Personality number three (Tropez) – drug man jumping up and down for hours.

Those are the three personalities and each one of them fits one of his “states.”

The state we are concerned with here is the “Tropez” state, wherein the subject ingests a small green pill with a tiny picture of a lightning bolt on it and then proceeds to run up and down in his front room whilst “Walking on Sunshine” plays at ear-popping volume until he tires himself out. After having a can of “100% proof Fanta” he goes upstairs, sits down in front of his sampler and starts sampling the sounds in his mind. The result is this album.

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