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the Daydream Fit

Make Me Forget

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Stereo Dasein
Reviewed by MH on Sep 16, 2013
Here's one that had me reaching for the restart button after each listen. It came in last week from Stereo Dasein who put out Manku Kapak's storming LP at the end of last year. This time they are serving up a new Dutch band from Enschede playing some driven post punk with an emo slant. There are shades of End Of A Year in the pacing and urgency while the vocals are a little pained. It is on second track "Sorrow" where they really won me over on the initial listens - the anguished vocals strain and battle against the more jangly guitar. It has a smart fallen-down part towards the end with the singer struggling before it hurtles into a more frantic ending. It's out digitally now but a 7inch might appear later this year. I'm into it.

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