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Lindsey Mills with Handmade Amigo


Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Nov 21, 2013
This is some singer-songerwriter stuff from Florida. Lindsey Mills is the key player but has a band in tow giving this additional depth and a fuller sound with a bit of glockenspiel, piano and accordion amongst the usual staple of guitar, bass and percussion. It's a little countrified and offbeat with a touch of soul creeping in, and is kind of lengthy,clocking in at 40+ minutes, but it holds my attention for the most part. Lindsey's vocals are pretty lovely and work particularly well on the more sparse songs like on the melancholy opener "Big Weight". This song is gorgeous. It's pretty good overall and I'd probably like this album more if there were more of those stripped down songs but you should give this a go if you like Laura Stevenson & The Cans as it reminds me of them as well as someone like Caitlin Rose too.

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