A horrible hack

Sofy Major


Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: No List - Solar Flare
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Feb 18, 2014
An interesting aside to this band - the place they recorded this initially was flattened by that big Hurricane in America, and they lost everything so had to start again. The triumph over adversity! Maybe that should have been the record title (that would sound weirdly fascistic though - maybe not such a good idea.) This is serious, tough sounding hard rock. It has riffs tumbling everywhere with gruff singing and solid rhythm. I guess it is what they call noise/stoner rock. It's like the Melvins, or a less uncomfortable Jesus Lizard. Keelhaul style riffing. There are bits that remind me of Kepone (taking away the more rock n roll elements perhaps.) Weirdly there are these bits of harmonised vocals, that remind me exactly of Cable. I think that's what's making me enjoy them as well, those weird tiny elements of Cable.

Not bad at all, just don't listen to the Alice in Chains song.

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