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The Steve Adamyk Band - The Dauntless Elite


Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: All in Vinyl
Reviewed by MH on Apr 2, 2014
A bit of the old and new for me here as I've not heard The Steve Adamyk band before but new tracks by The Dauntless Elite are always welcome and their last album is still a bit of a go-to record for me when I'm in the mood for some gruff punk. This split is part of a series that Allinvinyl are putting out where they are matching up some good bands. The Steve Adamyk Band up first then. Two tracks of garagey pop punk from Ontario that show an appreciation of stuff like Marked Men and Red Dons. Pretty good and worth a further look into their back catalogue. I hear their full length in 2013 was decent. The two new songs by The Dauntless Elite are solid too - perhaps a little less direct than their last LP. If you are hearing The Dauntless Elite for the first time I would start with the LPs if you need convincing but pick this up as well if you're into them. They're a band I feel the need to hear everything by and these songs are unmistakably The Dauntless Elite right down to the off-kilter nature of the lyrics - see second track "Beam Me Up Buttercup" ("Do we cull one species or zap 'em all?/Tried talking to a biped, big head/I can't repeat what it said(fucking verbal faeces)"). They still manage to sound very different to most bands playing this type of music too. Solid split with some nice artwork by one of the guys in Iron Chic.

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