A horrible hack



Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Cardinal Fuzz
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on May 28, 2014
A second release this week from Cardinal Fuzz (along with Black Bombaim) and this one, although retaining some of what made the other so great, prefers to use the music from an Italian Giallo as its starting point.

Wavering synthesizers modulate strangely before our ears as a relentless beat is played out on a drum somewhere. The beautiful, young girl who is alone in the foreign city has accepted a drink from that cloaked stranger and though shes only had a sip from the beautifully ornate, antique goblet in which it arrived, shes already starting to feel a little dizzy.

Stumbling off her chair with her head spinning she staggers to the bathroom in order to splash her face with cold water and attempt to regain her composure. Looking at herself in the mirror and concentrating on her rapidly dilating pupils, she fails to notice a second cloaked figure has appeared from behind a panel in the wall and is closing in on her holding a syringe. Dropping to one knee, she clings desperately to the edge of the sink as she is enveloped in darkness and dragged into the black void upon which the panel quickly closes.

As the wailing guitars start up, the beautiful girl finds herself chained to an altar and surrounded by six figures cloaked in black and one in brilliant red he is the High Mage. Frozen in terror, she realizes this coven wants her unborn child.

And from that, ceremonial daggers are drawn and a son is born, beautifully ornate, antique goblets are fully loaded and blood floods the room.

You should listen to this music because its brilliant.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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