A horrible hack

Hella Comet

Wild Honey

Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Noise Appeal
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Jun 19, 2014
Noise rock from Austria, with a singer that sounds just like Sonya Madden from Echobelly.

I imagine this band would be pretty great if you were watching them in some little room somewhere (not that I would be there, the very thought of going out disgusts me), and I think some of that is perhaps lost on record, you would need to be watching in a place where their sort of noise would envelope you to really appreciate it.

From what I can find and read on the old internet they have drawn some comparisons to Sonic Youth, and that's fair in parts, there are some elements of that in there, but I think you can also hear Cave In, in their more proggy era. I think there are also parts that remind me of the more art rock sound of bands from around the britpop times. Good times. Mind you that might just be that Echobelly singing. Mix that all up with some shoegazey post rock then bingo.

Hey its a decent record, it hasn't blown my mind, but its solid and enjoyable.

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