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Planning for Burial - Liar in Wait


Year Released: 2014
Format: 7"
Label: Broken Limbs
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Sep 11, 2014
Good to hear some Planning for Burial again. Been a fair old while since I reviewed a tape on here. This track here is 5 and a half minutes of a guy feeling sorry for himself over some rather excellent sounds. Guitars slowly dragging themselves from one end to the other, a plodding, pedestrian, repetitious rhythm and all hope is finally lost. Youíve been ill for days and are stoned on cough medicine and the heating is broken and the electric meter just ran out so you canít even keep the room warm by turning on the oven and you got no more electricity coupons and itís snowing and dark out and the shops are shut and all your friends got married and had children and fuck this for a lark.

Liar in Wait, not ever heard of them. The first few seconds are all moody gothy moods, pouting, black and white imagery, starkness, oh woe is me, I really like that second Interpol record. The singing is all out of tune monotone moping, actually it sounds a bit like if the guy from Hooton 3 Car sang really slowly. Now I am thinking that the whole thing is like if Hooton 3 Car was really slowed down and listened to Joy Division, but the chances of that actually being the case are a million to one, Iím just tired. Thereís a nice drifting interlude where itís really almost exactly like Antarctica, this is the best bit. So stark. I have to say that I do actually like this song, despite my terrible review. But I would probably just listen to Antarctica if I were you.

This is a right miserable split and I can get right behind it.

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