A horrible hack

Serpentine Path


Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: Relapse
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 28, 2014
Thought the debut LP from Serpentine Path was pretty great, and this newie doesn't much disappoint in terms of putrid, slithering, death-doom murk. Each song is admirably self-contained, with the band eschewing 20-minute flummery in the name of well-crafted mini epics averaging six or seven minutes apiece. The riffs are cold, dank and wet like dungeon walls through which the tormented gurgles echo; the overall sound rendered deeper and denser thanks to the addition of Stephen Flam's guitar work, which adds further shades of grey to each of the album's morbid tales. It's basically hefty, miserable and thoroughly demoralising what more could you want from such a release?

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